Let’s Talk Gigi’s Ice Lollies

Let me just start this post off by saying if you haven’t had an Ice Lolly from Gigi’s Ice Lollies – ya best put it on your ‘to do’ list for the summer of 2014.  You can find these delicious frozen treats in a colorful cart on the sidewalk along Broadway and 3rd Avenue North in Downtown Fargo during the summer- May to September.  The perfect handheld cuisine for moseying up and down the beautiful downtown area.


If you haven’t heard of the term’ ice lollies’ you are not alone.  Up here in the Midwest we most commonly refer to them as popsicles.  Nicole Glaze Kolbe, the owner and creator behind the amazing flavors of these handmade ice lollies, put use a term that is used throughout many other parts of the world because Unilever has heavily copyrighted the term ‘popsicle’.  Those big bullies.  Regardless, the term ‘Ice Lolly’ is  absolutely delightful!


The bright colors of Gigi’s Ice Lollies – whether it’s her cart that is toted by a bicycle, her business card, or the frozen creations themselves, matches perfectly to Nicole’s personality.  You honestly just can’t help but smile when she says, “Hey there” in her happy, southern accent.   A Tennessee native who wound up falling for a Midwestern boy, she moved to this area to be with her love, and now husband, Kasper.  Together they live in Moorhead with Kasper’s son Noam.


Nicole grew up In Johnson City, Tennessee where her grandmother, Gigi, made her ice lollies using fruit juice and fresh fruit from the trees in their southern country yard.  Classic flavor combinations like peaches and cream were Gigi’s sweet spot.  Nicole took this experience, along with her love for complex handcrafted flavors and brought her own twist on ice lollies to the FM Area by bringing us the frozen lolly version of desserts and combinations we love – Lemon-Ricotta, Vegan Banana Split, Frozen Hot Chocolate – just to name a few.  Many of her flavors are vegan and the majority of them are gluten free AND she uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to the fullest extent possible. 


When chatting with Nicole and asking her questions about her business I just had to laugh when I asked her about her background/education.  She also has a fancy degree – her’s is a Master’s in Social Anthropology.  She now refers to the diploma that is framed on her wall as a very expensive ‘decoration’.  I’m guessing like me though, that experience helped shape her into the shining business owner that she is now and it looks as though she’s found her happy place.


Gigi’s Ice Lollies is Nicole’s full time job, along with taking care of her step-son, Noam.  During the ‘off-season’ Gigi’s offers a Winter Club, of which I am a proud member!  For the Winter Club you get 10 ice lollies a month for 6 months (October-March) that can be picked up at Unglued on the first Thursday of the month..  Last month we had frozen hot chocolate (one of my all time favorites!) and the next one is the maple pumpkin pie (the beautiful, creamy orange ice lolly in the photos).  Yum!


Nicole has some new flavors in the making for the 2014 summer season as well as new ideas for how to get ice lollies in your life.  Gigi’s can provide ice lollies for your next event – whether it be a corporate holiday party, a wedding, family reunion – you name it.  She was actually just at Get Hitched – A Wedding Event for the Modern Bride promoting what Gigi’s can offer to wedding celebrations.  Ice Lollies at your wedding?  I’m going to spend the rest of the evening planning my vow renewal party.

To find out more about Gigi’s Ice Lollies – you can check out her Facebook Page or send her an email.



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