A Chat With Lush Lola’s Catering

We were in the midst of construction for Square One Kitchens when Shannon Malzahn gave us a jingle.  Shannon owns Lush Lola’s Catering – along with her husband, Jim.  They were looking for a way to expand their business from the lakes area to Fargo-Moorhead.  I remember showing Shannon and her kids around the kitchen and telling them it will be done in a few weeks – even though the floors were unfinished, we had no equipment in place and it honestly was a big ol’ mess.  Let’s just say I was off on my guesstimate.  But Shannon hung in there patiently.


Lush Lola’s was one of the first businesses to use the kitchens here and I have had the pleasure of learning more about her and her catering business throughout the year.  So now I’m going to share the story of how Lush Lola’s came to be and what they are all about.  While I was visiting with Shannon she was filling several hundred small glass flasks with her signature Captain Lola’s Rum Barbecue Sauce for favors for a wedding.  The pictures below are of her in action in the kitchen here at Square One bottling away!

Shannon is no stranger to food – growing up helping her mom with her concession stand at the Minnesota State Fair, operating food booths at festivals and events throughout the area for years makes it easy to see that food is a big part of her life, and her family’s.  I’ve never seen a true family operated business until I saw Lush Lola’s in action.  Her husband can often be found manning the hog roast and her 2 older daughters are often around helping out, too.

So, what’s the story behind the name?  Well, let me tell you.  The name Lush Lola’s is made of 2 parts.

1 part Lola:  Shannon was at a festival and stopped in a nearby store where she came across a piggy bank she knew she needed to have.  Unfortunately, it was not for sale.  That did not stop Shannon.  She convinced the store owner that it was fate and ended up walking out with the soon-to-be-named mascot for her future business – Lola (you can find pics of Lola on their website).

1 part Lush:  Drunken Pig (Lush Lola’s famous beer braised pork), Tipsy Cow, Wobbly Chicken…are you seeing a pattern here?  Beer and spirits are used in fun and exciting ways to add flavor to the dishes created by Shannon so it only made sense!

Thus, Lush Lola’s!

Lush Lola’s has been busy in 2013 catering to weddings and other corporate events throughout the FM and lakes areas.  They whip up some fantastic side dishes to go along with their ‘lush-ious’ (I know that is definitely not a word) main courses as well.  Shannon was just at Get Hitched –  A Wedding Show for the Modern Bride promoting their Smashed Potato Bar and Indoor S’mores Bar.  Both are great ideas for fun ways to serve up food.

 If Shannon is not working her tail end off with her busy work schedule,  you can find her reading a book, creating new recipes or traveling around looking for inspiration.  Jim and Shannon have 3 wonderful daughters that are truly a joy to visit with whenever they are helping out in the kitchen here – Madison, McKenna and Magnolia make this great family owned business even better!  I have honestly never met such helpful kids.  I hope I was that helpful when I was a child, but chances are good I was not.  Magnolia is 5 so she is not around often, but when she stops by she is quite entertaining!

Given how busy Lush Lola’s has been this year and how quickly they are booking up for their 2014 season, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of this lovely family owned business in the area – cooking up good tasting food for various events and get-togethers.  And how awesome is that favor flask bottle of BBQ sauce!?  What a great idea!  If you want to learn more about Lush Lola’s you can check out their website, shoot them an email or give them a call.  Facebook is also a great way to keep up to date on what they’re doing and to keep current on their happenings!


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