We’re Blogging!

At Square One Kitchens we are looking to keep everyone connected, creative and involved.  Thus, a blog!  Hopefully many insightful and witty posts will come to follow this one.   I’m going to consider this post a trial run and wait for my creative mojo to kick in.  To give you a little insight into what we’re going to be doing with this here blog I’ll offer some ideas of what we’ve been brewing up since we started Square One nearly a year ago:

  • Cool insider looks into up-and-coming food businesses here in Fargo-Moorhead.  Honestly, the talented business owners who use the space here are beyond belief and their stories make it even better.  I consider myself  lucky to get to meet them and work amongst their creative selves.
  • Photos!  Food!  Photos of Food! Tips, Tricks and Back Flips! (To be honest, there will likely be no back flips involved.  I just like to rhyme).
  • Cooking classes and information on when we’re having them, what they’ll involve and the instructors who teach them.
  • Connections to the Community.  We love this area and want to shout from the roof tops about the amazing things that happen here but due to my fear of heights, I will remain on the ground and use a blog to ‘shout it out’.  Less dramatic, but safer.
  • I’m guessing through time we’ll brew up some more ideas and I’ll share them here as well.

I’m going to throw it out there and let you know that we’re pretty excited and we want you to be, too.  I often use too many exclamation points in my writing so I’m trying to refrain from putting one after every other sentence.  Despite the lack of exclamation though, we truly are so excited.




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