Balancing Act – You Can Work Hard And Have A Life. For Real.

Hello.   My name is Casey Steele and I am the writer of this here blog.  I rarely ever refer to myself as an entrepreneur.  Heck.  I can barely spell the word, but it is one way to explain what I am and what I do.  There are 2 main reasons I choose to blog…
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Meet Libby’s Cupcakes, Etc.

Let me start this off by making a rather bold statement.  I have never been a big fan of cake.  That is, until I met Libby Martin.  She showed me the light.  The light, the fluffy and the flavorful world of moist cake.  Maybe it stemmed from meeting one too many dried out squares of…
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DIY Wood Studio Logo

Being A Maker – DIY Wood Studio

This area consistently amazes me.  I didn’t grow up in the big city so moving to Fargo was exciting.  Old neighborhoods, stores galore and a downtown area that literally brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.  I’m smiling right now.  Because I thought about it.  I’ve ventured to various large…
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For lack of a more creative title I decided not to beat around the bush.  Today, we’re talking eggs.  I am a baker by hobby – turned addictive hobby – turned career.  If this blog is not about Square One Kitchens and its happenings, it’s going to be mostly about baking with some cooking tossed…
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Constructing A Business

Whether your business is food related or not, ‘constructing a business’ is quite the experience.  Throughout the process of getting the doors to Square One Kitchens open and ready to roll, I learned a lot about construction and about myself.  The pictures throughout this post are of the building while it was under construction –…
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